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The difference between on-demand and regular Cialis therapy

The study was completed that revealed that daily use of tadalafil can be a good alternative treatment for the patients who suffered from the erectile dysfunction and responded to PDE-5 inhibitors taken on demand. The study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Its authors worked over the research with a team, which checked the level of satisfaction in the patients who had PDE-5 PRN treatment and reacted positively to it. The group of patients took tadalafil 5mg pills on a daily basis and the other group took placebo. The level of satisfaction was determined after a 12 week-period that included 4-week therapy with maximal dosage and 4-week washout, during which no medication was taken.

The results of both groups were compared and it turned out that the satisfaction score of people from the group who took tadalafil on a daily basis, was much higher than the score of the placebo group. But when satisfaction scores of RPN treatment and daily treatment were compared, the results were on the same level.

The expert on prostate cancer and urologist Gerald Chodak commented upon the study, saying that limited benefit can be derived from the work done.

The efficacy of the drug is known to all, but the study did not give answer the question, which is of interest to many: is the regular ED treatment worth taking? Dr Chodak doubts in the necessity to take the medication daily as the sexual contact can occur twice a week. It would be enough for a man to take 7-8 pills a month as a part of RPN therapy. It is not necessary to take 30 pills then. The partners do not achieve more frequent sexual contacts with daily Cialis.

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