Antidepressants and benzodiazepines can cause ED

In accordance with the research, benzodiazepines and other antidepressants are associated with a bigger likelihood of ED.

Certainly, this proves that the tricyclic, the medications that belong to antidepressants, are connected with a bigger risk of erectile dysfunction, stated Dr. Richard Balon, a professor of psychiatry at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Unlike the range of studies, this study had not discovered bigger risk of erectile dysfunction among male patients who were treated with hypertension medicines.

If we look at the history of previous studies we will see the opposite results, especially for medicines used in combination. There were reports of serious threats for patients health in this case.

2,301 men were studied by the researchers under the guidance of Dr. Varant Kupelian in the New England Research Institutes in Watertown, Massachusetts. The team wanted to know the effect of medications and their influence upon the sexual function.

The score of ED in men under test reached 17 or lower than that. There was a 25-point scale, according to which men had to assess the firmness of erected organ, the persistence of erection, its durability, and their satisfaction.

20% of men were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. This diagnosis was present in 30 men out of 60 who participated in the study.

Every fourth participant, who was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, did not take tricyclic.

The researchers assessed the risk factors of those patients including age of men, heart problems and performed some adjustment in connection with this. After that, they have come up with the conclusion that patients who take such medications have three times more risk of erectile dysfunction.

If patients had benzodiazepines therapy, the medications for anxiety, the risk increased two times.

In the same way, patients treated with tricyclics included 50% of those, who had benzodiazepine therapy during the last 4 weeks, were also diagnosed with ED. It is easy to compare this rate with 25% of those who had not passed any therapy.

The research does not answer the question if the medications are able to cause the sexual problems. They also cant conclude if ED can aggravate the psychiatric state of the patients or if both conditions have some common reason. The pathways that affect the erection are not explored thoroughly.

But patients on antihypertensives therapy do not face ED problem more often than the rest, as Dr. Kupelian announced, and nobody expected such conclusion. The team of researchers looked for the link but it wasnt found. The same is referred to the group of male patients who took anti-inflammatory medicines.

However, the author of the study expressed concern on misinterpretations of these results. He considers that it is not enough to make the conclusion using the results of relatively small-sized group of men. There were just 90 participants, who took treatment with above mentioned drugs.