Low T is associated with poorer sexual function in men

Poor testosterone is linked with impaired sexual function in men who are advanced in years. As man becomes older, his sexual might, physical strength and vigor decreases. It is not determined yet what causes this deterioration.

Philadelphia University in the USA conducted the research to find how sex hormones such as SHBG, total/free testosterone globulin and estradiol are related to poor libido in men 65+.

Testosterone is connected with libido and erectile function thus determining sex activity. It does not depend upon SHBG or estradiol.

It is interesting to note that no hormones determine such things as vigor of the person, depressed condition and physical features.

Having statistically significant result at 0.05, the degree of connection of hormones and libido, and sexual performance was not significant.

In accordance with the results of the research, free and total testosterone bring to changes of sexual activity in men advanced in age with low T, even more than SHBG or estradiol.

The study does not refer to older male patients who have low level of testosterone but at the same time does not suffer from tiredness, bad physical form, depressed state, lack of sexual desire.