Regular intake of tadalafil brings to the same satisfaction as its on-demand use

Tadalafil taken one time a day regularly is a good alternative for ED patients who react partially to PRN therapy as the specialists say. Such conclusions were published in a medical journal at the end of January, 2015.

The research performed by the experts from Eli Lilly conducted research on the degree of satisfaction in patients who responded partially to on-demand phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor treatment and their partners after men took tadalafil on a daily basis in comparison with placebo effect. The dosage of tadalafil was 5 mg. The specialists registered the satisfactory result after the male patient obtained the maximally allowed dosage of the medication in the course of a month, a months washout and 3-months therapy.

The degree of satisfaction was higher for cases, when tadalafil was taken on a daily basis in comparison with placebo cases and the difference was considerable. The level of satisfaction was the same in the cases with the results of on-demand therapy and therapy, during which the patients took the dose of tadalafil regularly.

At the same time, one of the experts (medical doctor Gerald Chodak) asserted that the research provides limited benefit.

He explained that functions of tadalafil are known to all and the fact that it helps once a day in comparison with the situation when you do not take any therapy is, certainly, the favorable one. But the problem of the study revolves around the other issue: if there is a need for male patients to be regularly treated with this medication. The author of the study stated that this research cant give the answer to this question.

The expert also said that the rate of sexual attempts reported by patients in the investigation was from 6 to 7 times per month prior to the investigation and after the research started. It is convenient to take the medication on a regular basis just because you do not have to care about it each time you are going to have sexual relationship, but it does not increase the sexual activity. In this way, it does not matter if you take ED pills or not - the amount of sexual activity remains on the same level. If so, why does one need to take a regular therapy? The results are similar with on-demand therapy and regular therapy. It turns out, that intake of 30 tadalafil pills is just not necessary and a waste of money. This is 30 pills against 6-7 pills, which are actually required.

According to the specialist's report, the frequency of sexual attempts in the course of one month was the following:

  • 6.9 - in the group of men who were treated with placebo
  • 6.6 - in the group of patients who received tadalafil on demand
The washout period brings forth the following stats:
  • 5.9 - in the placebo group
  • 5.8 - in the group of patients treated with tadalafil

The first month of regular therapy:
  • 6.7 - in the placebo group
  • 6.9 - in the group of patients who take tadalafil regularly
The last 7 days of the regular therapy:
  • 6.5 - in the group of placebo patients
  • 6.7 - in the group of ED patients, tadalafil group.

A phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor is advised to necessary medication in ED therapy. Many patients do not continue the therapy after a year of treatment.

The studies have discovered that one half of men who got a prescription of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor could restore their male might.

The specialists wanted to determine the rate of satisfaction in men who take 5 mg pills of tadalafil in case the patients responded to on-demand therapy. They discovered that patients who receive regular therapy had considerable enhancement so treatment was more effective versus placebo. The research used the Treatment Satisfaction Survey for this, studying different parameters such as assurance, easiness in achieving erection and pleasure. Experts assessed if the person is satisfied with medicine and orgasm. Both in a couple had the same satisfaction rates.

The specialists determined after research that poor score after intake of tadalafil on a regular basis was similar to intake of medication on demand (maximal dosage).

The age of all men was 18+. They were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction for at least 3 months. The form of ED: from mild to moderate. All patients gave consent to sexual communication with their partners and also to the chosen ways of therapy along with washout period. They also consented not take other medication to maintain the experimental integrity.